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Let me tell you a secret...
Your Mind And Body Have The Ability To Completely Heal Itself From Pain And Suffering.  It Just Needs A Little Help From You!
What if I told you that Most of The Problems Affecting Your Health Both Mentally And Physically
Are Because Of Emotions?
Are you, or others you know, dealing with a chronic or mental condition, suffering from past trauma, or are you feeling stressed or negative about life right now?

Have you looked at other solutions to it, including spending thousands of dollars on medication or treatments?

Are these solutions just not working despite having been told these will give you guaranteed results?  Why wouldn't they work on you when they've worked on so many others?
The Reason These Solutions Don't Work Is Because Internally You Don't Want It To Work.
You Most Likely Won't Even Know It Though!
It feels nice to be taken care of.  You don't have to go back to work.  You get to relax.  Sometimes you get a monetary rewards like disability.  The body can respond sometimes by refusing to get better because of those internal feelings or emotions.  

Say you have a memory of being sick when you were little and your mom took care of you.  You felt warm and cozy and wanted to continue feeling that way.  Or maybe you got in a HUGE fight while eating a certain type of food and now every time you eat that food you feel sick and now you feel sick with other types of food as well.  Even being on disability and not having to work or being taken care of during this time can affect your desire to heal, or an injury while working out once can affect your desire to work out in the future.

Memories like those above are powerful.  They have the ability to sway your internal thought process from a desire to feel better to not wanting to get well, without you really knowing why it's happening.
I realized that emotions tied to memories were the key to helping myself and others heal.  This is why I started The Clearing Cure as a way to help others suffering from multiple conditions to finally release those emotions and start healing!  
“I have worked with Karen for several years and she has helped me clear out leftover pains from my past and helped me with some physical challenges, as well. She has also worked with my hubby, clearing his allergies and dealing with his emotional baggage. After a session with her, I am filled with peace and tranquility! Her work is life changing! She is amazing!”
MaryLynn N. - Utah
"Karen is a brilliant healer who excels at providing normalcy and balance to those who are in extreme duress. She has insight and great talent to promote healing and well-being in all situations. She sees beyond the surface and is able to go to the root of the problem. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel to Karen for literally saving my life when everyone else had given up hope."
Kim M. - Utah
My Story
My name is Karen and I'm the founder of The Clearing Cure.  Let me tell you my story and how I got started with this!
When I was 7 my father died. About 4 years later I developed a problem with putting weight on my legs as it caused great pain. Years later, in my college years, I developed the same type of condition at college which then morphed into a full blown Fibromyalgia complex in my early 20's as I started to have children, which caused a great deal of pain in my cervix and legs, making it extremely painful when I was pregnant to walk, turn over in bed, or run after my other children. By my 3rd child, I literally had to be bedridden for the last few months of my pregnancy. After my 3rd child, the pain in my legs never really left and only got worse, especially with the next two pregnancies. By then, I also had other health issues that were just made worse by the Fibromyalgia. It was a very difficult time for me.

Then I found a couple of different emotional healing modalities and I soon realized that my emotions and memories were tied to my health issues. I trained in these techniques along with a few other ones and they worked.  I cleared my fibromyalgia.  I then used it to start healing on the multitude of other issues that I had also acquired over the years.

I found, however, in doing this that it was extremely time consuming and tedious and most people I tried to help with the same techniques were overwhelmed with it.  So, I created my own technique, simplifying it as I went through feedback from my clients and my own personal healing. I found that the more simplified version was easier to teach and was easier for people to understand.  

When you are sick, your brain and body are tired and the thought of having to learn a bulky process is daunting.  Plus, the more I delved into the brain, I realized that most people have been over-stimulated so much that the brain is hyperactive and is in fight or flight mode and when that happens the brain slows the flow of blood to the part of the brain that thinks.  So no wonder people have a hard time processing things.  This simplified process has helped many of my clients who didn't even understand much about energy work to be able to do this process.

One of the simplified techniques I developed and have had tremendous success in helping others with is something I call "The Hopelessness Loop".
I Want You To Think About What This Could Do For Yourself Or Others You Know.
I have used my simplified techniques on many different clients for over 15 years and while they have all had their own stories and memories that affected different parts of their body, the impact this has had in their lives afterwards has been significant.

What do you think life would be like for you or friends and family if you or they were finally able to heal after all this time of trying to do so?

How much have you spent on programs, therapy, or "cures" only to have that money go to waste?  Think of how much you can save in the future through finally giving your body and mind the desire to heal.

If this were something that was more widely used and taught, we could change a lot of people's lives and improve alternative medicine overall! 
"Throughout my life I have struggled with my mental health, physical health , inadequate self worth and spirituality.  When I met Karen she introduced me to a new set of tools to guide me through my darkness by using her expert knowledge and experience to help heal me inside and out.  This work she did for me for a year but I knew her for many years and I knew her heart was invested in clearing my heavy baggage so I could be happy and healthier in my life.  I testify that this work and information she has and wants to share has much more value than any medication or therapy I have received over my 36 years of life." 
Dorie J. - New York
“I started using this program around 8 years ago. It has successfully helped me with my fears, anxiety, and vertigo. I am convinced of the power it has to help us heal in any situation. This teaches us how to confront issues even with memories from long ago and then releasing the emotions tied to them. I would highly recommend using her system!”

Sherri B. - California
 I decided The Best Way In Helping People And Making A Difference Was Not In Keeping People Clients
But Empowering Them To Take Back Their Lives!
I don't believe in having the same clients forever so I created an 8 week program to not only help clear but also give you all the tools to be able to do this on your own.  Between in-depth sessions and giving you lifetime access to a course I developed based on my techniques, you'll have all the knowledge and training you'll need to Empower yourself and take back your life!
Here's what I'm giving you with this 8 Week Program!
8 Sessions, 1 Hour Per Week
These sessions are designed to help you identify the root of the issues and clear them out.  In doing so, I will be slowly teaching you how to do this for yourself so by the end of the program, you will have the confidence to clear out issues in the future.  I will be utilizing my special system using Emotion Freedom Technique and Environmental Stress Management along with tapping to do so.
Exclusive Access to the The Clearing Cure training course
This is going to be where you learn everything through a step-by-step training I put together to teach anyone from a beginner in understanding energy work to someone that already has an understanding of how it works but doesn't know my technique.
Through this program you will learn simplified tapping techniques and my reversal system I use along with the points in the body that are most effective.  By the end of the program, in conjunction with our live sessions,  you will have complete confidence to do this for yourself!
Also Available In A 2 Session Trial
2 Session Trial
If you're not completely convinced of what this can do for you and want to try it a couple times before purchasing the rest of the program, I have also included an option to try it out for 2 sessions to see if this is something that would be beneficial to you.  The course is not included in this trial but would be available upon purchasing the rest of the program if you choose.
This program will ensure you are ready to do this on your own for yourself!  With everything I'm offering, this is something that would normally cost $2000 or more. A session alone for an hour would cost over $200 to learn this and $1000 to master the basics. I'm offering lifetime access to you at a very reasonable price.  I'm only offering this deal for a limited time though!
Take advantage of this Program now!
Thanks for check this out!
I'm Really Excited For What This Can Do For You And Others Around You
I've had a great deal of interest to create this program from my clients for a long time.   I encourage you to try it out and see how this can change your life!  I welcome the feedback and look forward to hearing from you!

 -Karen, Found of The Clearing Cure
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